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Hack the Box (HTB) machines walkthrough series — Swagshop

Locations Contact Us Privacy Policy. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.Hello there, welcome back again. As always, I added the machine IP The website or the source code did not reveal anything useful, so I proceed to find the hidden directories using GoBuster. While GoBuster running, I started to reckon the directories detected one by one.

However, I was not able to go any further because my attempt to brute force the login page failed. I continued run DirBuster and started to look in to other open ports. Until I noticed something unusual. If you clearly noticed the namp scan, there is a port is open.

In Linux, you can use showmount command to see the mounted drives and storage from NFS like below:. With a very simple effort you can mount the public directory to your Kali machine and read the contents. The file Web. After spending some time I found Umbraco. The Umbraco. A quick google search led me to this article that shows, How to setting up Umbraco with Visual Studio. This article as well suggests the. I moved umbraco. So as a last resort, I tried to open it using my EditPlus text editor Funny, but this actually works, I had opened a lot of database files using EditPlus and read the contents.

After a little clean-up I made the list of hashed password of admin htb. I copied the Admin password hash to kali and used John to crack.

It took just a couple of seconds to crack. After logging the things went pretty straightforward. As I already know the Umbraco version 7. As soon as my exploit is ready, I run it from Kali terminal and boom, I have the reverse shell as inetsrv. Once the reverse-shell is connected, I immediately found the User.

After spending sometime without much clue, I got a tip from one of HTB fellow user. I started this blog to share my knowledge. I usually write on HackTheBox machines and challenges, cybersecurity-related articles and bug-bounty. January 1, June 4, January 28, Email Address HackTheBox Remote Writeup HackTheBox Remote Write-up Cracking The Hash using John.

Stopping Service account. Adding custom exploit reverse shell script. Hack The Box Nest Writeup — Notify of.

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Inline Feedbacks.Welcome to the Scavenger box write-up! This was a hard-difficulty box and had some interesting components to fully boot2root the box. Then, do zone transfer against DNS server to find more domains. Interesting ports to note:. Since it is using a database to retrieve data, we can play with the parameters to see if we can cause some SQL error to further SQLi attack.

Using the following boolean-based SQLi payload, we can dump database contents:. From the attack, we were able to collect the following four 4 additional domains:. Next, we can check if the DNS server is vulnerable to zone transfer. If so, we could discover more subdomains.

Create a text file with all the found domains:. We can use the following bash one-liner to check zone transfer against the domains:. This was a static page, and nothing sexy found from here. This was just a image, and also nothing interesting found. This page was about selling hats. Besides that, there was nothing really interesting to proceed further attack. This web page seemed more interesting than other ones, and WordPress was installed. However, common credentials e.

And there was an interesting comment within the comments section, which might be indicating we need to do further discovery. When we browse that URL, we get to an interesting page. Also, a directory traversal was allowed within the FTP session so that we could move around to other directories to browse files.

This account seems to be another FTP account. We can directly log into the FTP service. Since the pwnhats.

htb remote

Following one of the POST request to the pwnhats. With that, we can log into the FTP service.

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There was a hardcoded magic value was also found within the source code. Finally, the TCP stream 29 was the last one, and it was unreadable file. But in short:. When a process writes a magic string to our special device, our LKM will give root credentials to such process.

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You can change this approach in many different ways. And we could see that the same magic value there too. And when it gets loaded via the following instructions:. PoC from the resource page is below:. I highly recommend doing it :]. Then, double click the filename to begin decompiling. And I just used the default setting to analyze the file. We can see that Ghidra successfully decompiled the file; however, we can notice that the variables were converted to local pointers. Just for easy to view purposes, I convert those pointers to variable names by finding those names using IDA Pro disassembler.

This was an unintended way that the exploit PoC was came out a bit later than the box was released.

htb remote

The detailed Exim 4.All that matters is you get up one more time than you were knocked down. Hack The Box is an online platform to train your ethical hacking skills and penetration testing skills. Grabbing and submitting the user.

htb remote

Foothold After the portscan, I found that this box is hosting a website, which is reachable on port To login on the backend, there are some credentials needed. These credentials can be found in the Umbraco.

User The website is using Umbraco version 7. Through this RCE I was able to get the user flag by using the exploit modified by noraj. Root After basic enumeration, I found the remote service which can be exploited due to a vulnerability in Teamviewer Desktop version 7.

Normally, I root a box manually.

HackTheBox Remote Writeup (

Because I think it would be nice to rooting a box with Metasploit once in a while, I have used Metasploit to root this machine. The File Transfer Protocol FTP is a protocol that can be used to transfer data between a client and a server on a network. Nmap has found the FTP port with anonymous login allowed.

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I created an FTP session to this box through port I logged in with username anonymous and as password anonymous. I tried to get the contents and it seems that there are no files listed.

I checked the web service and there is a website hosted on this box. Acme Widgets is the name of this website. On the contact page, there is a button that redirects me to a login page. According to the source code, this website is using the open-source CMS Umbraco.

htb remote

I have tried the default username admin and the default password Admin! I need to find the credentials. Umbraco is usually using the Umbraco. The next step is to do some enumeration on the NFS port It seems that there is an NFS share. Now, I can mount that share and walk through the files.As usual we need to get some info from nmap. After scanning,i paid attention to rpcbind service,then i tried nmap script to get more things from that rpcbind.

It took me some min to enum all file in the disk,then i saw a SDF file named Umbraco. At now,i still not take a look http service,just a bit enum we could find a CMS that is Umbraco and we need cred to login,back to Umbraco.

Hack The Box Write-Up Remote –

Finally,cred is admin htb. Spent some mins to test cve,i will setup MSF to get comfortable shell. First,create a simple PS reverse shell named mini-reverse. Now we are going to root the box,simply enum with some common PS scripts,i got really interesting from PowerUp. This is result from the script. Feel miss our old friend?

Step by step like we did with Querier we can able to get admin shell. We have another way to get root that via teamviewer,i just have done that yet! See your later and thanks for reading!!! WriteString String text at System. Like Like. I am strugling with your nc I can get to PS shell and run powersploit but then I am lost with your Invoke-ServiceAbuse and the two nc64 steps after that. Can you explain a bit what you are doing there as I cannot get my head around it and make it work?

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Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Nmap Nmap 7. Nmap done at Sat Mar 28 -- 1 IP address 1 host up scanned in This is result from the script Feel miss our old friend? Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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