Diy backdrop curtain

We originally made this backdrop for use during the ceremony and then later moving it to the photobooth area instructables for this coming soonbut we decided against that for a couple reasons.

Big Event Backdrops

First off, the wind was SUPER crazy during set up and we worried it would be blowing all over us during the ceremony photo included. Luckily the wind was just a light breeze for the rest of the night so this ended up not being an issue anyway. But also, the flowers that day on the gazebo were so so beautiful that we did not want to cover anything up.

Plus they matched the flower in Katelyn's hair so it was pretty much meant to be! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. To make our frame, we decided to build two legs with feet to keep them sturdy, and notches on top of the legs that could hold 2 curtain rods for our fabric to hang from.

In the picture below, you can see the front-on view along with close up photos of the notches. To make it pack well, the legs needed to be removable from the feet so everything could lay flat. We started with the feet. Evan sanded a few rough edges, but how much sanding you do will depend on how polished you want it to be. For each foot, Evan placed 2 pieces parallel to each other and one across the top.

The plan was to secure the top one to the bottom two with some long screws, so he drilled pilot holes first. With the pilot holes drilled, he then secured the boards with 5 long screws on each side.

We wanted this backdrop to be sturdy people!

Tutorial: How to Build a Party Backdrop From PVC Pipe (Pipe and Drape System)

To make assembly and disassembly easy, Evan decided we could use L brackets and these little bolts with pins to hold everything in place. We secured those to the foot with screws and washers. These holes were just barely big enough to hold our bolts, so everything was nice and snug.

diy backdrop curtain

Then we used a rubber mallet to pound the bolts through the holes illustration included. We got the bolts and pins from our local big box store. After the bolts were pounded through, we made things extra extra secure by popping a little pin through the other end. The photos below were taken after we stained it, but they really help demonstrate, so just pretend that wood is still unstained :. For the legs, you can really do whatever height you want. We used winmax dark walnut stain to finish them link in blog After we stained it, we labeled the feet and legs so that when we reassembled things we would put the correct leg with the correct foot.

And since we wanted the legs to fit so snugly in the brackets on each foot, we wanted to make sure we paired the right leg with the foot that was fitted to it. So we labeled the left foot and leg with an A, and the right foot and leg with a B. Plus, we already had them, so they were freeeee. We roughly sharpied on some zig-zags onto our wood as guides since that would be easier to cut than anything rounded out.

Then just a couple quick cuts on our jig saw and we had notches for our curtain rods to sit nicely into!Designlovefest Youaremyfave.

Get the tutorial here.

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Learn how to create the hipster look here. Simple and easy instructions here. Video and photo tutorial here. Just try not to eat them Get your 8-bit on here. Mix and match colors and levels in this fun tutorial. This is an easy and simple DIY.

Remind you of the paper chains you used to make? Get the instructions here. View the step-by-step instructions here. See the tutorial here. Get your scissors ready for the tutorial here. Learn how to make it here. All you need is string, a star punch, and strips of paper.

Click here for the full list of instructions. Learn how to layer fringe garland here.

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With burlap, you can create a whole new look here. Create simple, yet eye-catching triangles here. For tips and tricks, head over to Lovely Indeed.

You will perfect your folding abilities after this. This backdrop is perfect for any bridal occasion. Find out how to make them here. Just grab some glue, yarn, and a balloon to create this. It may take time, but these are pretty simple.

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Full tutorial here. Release creative expression by creating a splatter paint backdrop here.These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I will take all the pointers I can get on taking better baby pics! Stopping by from Hoyby Crafts! I have to try some of them myself. I am just not a crafty person, but some of them are so easy to make! I could not get to the tutorial. I love these photo booth backdrop ideas. The balloon one looks like a lot of fun.

I just need a party to throw a party now to have an excuse to try some of these out. Thanks for sharing.

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Other ideas- I have went to the local carpet store- they have given me scrap pieces of carpet and flooring which I use as background and flooring- — — freebies are always great! Just use a clamp to attach to the backdrop stand.

diy backdrop curtain

I am so glad I came across this. Was looking for ideas for making a backdrop for senior portraits and now I have so many other ideas for other backdrops!

It carries good material. Stop by my blog post — art glass supplies san diego. These are all great. And of course, I love scallops. I did a similar roundup a while ago on my blog, if you want to check it out. Found your site on Pinterest. Love the backdrop ideas! The balloons idea is sooo adorable. The fabric hung from a rod is awesome! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Shower curtains make awesome backdrops as well.

I have found many designs at my local thrift store. I found your this post while searching for some related information on blog search…Its a good post. Thanks, dear for sharing an Amazing post I ever read. Truly said that every photographer has its own Photography Background and skills which make him unique from others like you.

I just set it him down on the wrapping […]. Articles such as this one from itsalwaysautumn. This DIY ombre backdrop tutorial from For the Love Of… shows you how to create a lovely color filled background using plastic tablecloths: […]. Instead, I head to the kitchen or front room, where I get great window light. Take a big piece of wallpaper you like and fix it on a wall with duct tape.

The […].In addition of the fire retardant certification, this sheer fabric allows you to create amazing backdrop designs. We have it available in different lengths and textures. Our Fire retardant banjo cloth have become the industry standard for trade show and convention events. Don't miss our amazing deals on Fire retardant Poly Premier fabric.

Available in different lengths and color. Polyester Satin Fabric is a lustrous soft material with a nice drape for a gorgeously flowy look.

25 Easy DIY Backdrop Ideas for Photography

We offer a few types of tulle and netting fabric to choose from for your next playdate or special occasion. There isn't an event as exciting and hope-filled as a wedding. These event backdrop drapes will not scratch and dent, making them resistant to the various situations which take place at a wedding event or reception - such as wine spills.

Event draping adds unprecedented style to any wedding or reception hall; an element of luxury no other decoration is capable of adding. Are you looking to save both time and money while creating an event that will be the talk of the town?

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Euro Velvet Shop now! Crushed Velvet Shop now!This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to learn more. They offer affordable and DIY-able kits to make lighting and now draping your wedding as easy as !

Rent My Wedding just debuted their new DIY Pipe and Drape Kits and my friend Marie is here on the blog today to share with you just how easy it is to set up these backdrops.

Take it away, Marie!! Photo Credit: Photographick Studios.

Event Curtains & Drapes

Do you love the look of head table backdrops, but hate the price tag that comes with hiring full-service pipe and drape installation?

No experience required, just follow these simple steps to setup your own backdrops. This looks fabulous behind a head table, cake table, or around the entire perimeter of your reception room. See how simple it is to set up your own Pipe and Drape backdrop:. Setting up these simple backdrops can help transform your event space with placement in a few key areas like behind your cake table, behind the sweetheart table, or even at your wedding altar during your ceremony.

diy backdrop curtain

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are excited about how easy it is to transform your wedding! Start Here! Join Our Facebook Group! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Whatsapp. Happy Wedding Planning!

diy backdrop curtain

Follow Us. Browse Weddings by Budget.By Mrs. Campfire on Jul 18, We settled on the string lights because of their warm vibe. Plus, we thought they tied in nicely with our loosely light-themed wedding. The first thing we did was find a construction that we agreed on.

So, I kept searching and eventually found this tutorial from Project Wedding. Add your rubber cane feet to one end of each of your PVC rods, and then fit the other side into the elbow. This should also be a snug fit as long as you bought the right elbow for your diameter of pipe. It might be easier to lay your PVC rods on the ground and attach it all together before you raise it to a standing position.

Lean your backdrop against a surface like a wall with the back of the curtain facing outward and adjust the legs to get the height you want. Time for the complicated part; this was definitely much easier with two people. Take your string lights, straighten them out, and pin them to the back of the curtain with your safety pins, spacing. The IKEA curtains had spacing already sewn in, so we used these markers as our guide.

Consider covering it as well, to keep and dirt or dust from settling on it. Are you thinking about making your own DIY photo booth backdrop? Any wedding projects that you put off? Let us know in the comments!

How To Drape Backdrop With Fabric - Setup

Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee. Step 2 Add your rubber cane feet to one end of each of your PVC rods, and then fit the other side into the elbow. Step 5 Time for the complicated part; this was definitely much easier with two people. Related Posts. Get the best wedding inspiration, advice, and more from Weddingbee.

Subscribe to Newsletter. I agree to receive emails from the site. I can withdraw my consent at any time by unsubscribing. I'd like to receive news and offers via e-mail. WeddingBee's privacy policy.You can see it in use in my Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party. This system — sometimes called a pipe and drape system — is terrific because it allows you to put a backdrop anywhere you need it. Decide on the scale of your PVC pipe scaffolding. The pipe comes in 4-foot sections and foot sections.

My standard set-up is 3. The miter saw helps you cut a straight line. Decide if your backdrop needs to be free-standing or will lean against a wall. Either way, your frame will be the same. This version is good for a narrow space when you can brace the backdrop with something like a dessert table. This will give you a backdrop that is roughly 4-foot x 6-foot. Tip: In the photo with the purple polka dot backdrop, I selected a curtain at WalMart and hung it upside down from the bottom hem.

The top hem is meant for a standard curtain rod and is too narrow for the 1 inch pipe. You also could use 45 or 54 inch fabric, drape it over the top pipe, and safety pin it to itself by wrapping it up and around the second pipe from the top.

This version is what I built for our snow cone stand. It is probably the most stable base design, but the upright section is not as strong because there is only one cross-support. It also requires the most space and you will need the optional supplies. This will give you a backdrop that is roughly 4-foot x 5. This style allows you tuck the front feet under your dessert table, so they are hidden while providing you stability.

This will give you a backdrop that is roughtly 4-foot x 5. I want to build the last model, and I just wondering if I can amplify the size and if this is strong enough to hang a balloon arch. Thank you! I like the idea of the backdrop! What size storage container do you store the parts in? And you are able to change the configuration with only the parts in the container?